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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Knight Games! You'll find no less than 20 different Knight Games, such as Lord of the Knights & Stickman Rusher

Fight dragons and rescue princesses in our free online knight games

With our collection of free online knight games, you can travel to the legendary realm of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Take up your sword and put on your tunic and armour. In these games you can enter a jousting tournament, rid the kingdom of robber and bandits, build up a medieval empire, and prove your bravery by defeating the dragon and rescuing the damsel in distress.

Play the Most Exciting Knight Games and Build an Empire or Become a Jouster

Many great empire-building games are set in medieval times. Grow your village into a mighty kingdom. Train your peasants to become soldiers and defend your lands in battle. Many poems have been written about the Arthurian knight Lancelot, the greatest swordsman and jouster of Camelot, but in these games you too can become a celebrated hero of the medieval jousting tournaments. Mount your noble steed and raise your lance. Protect yourself with your shield as you attempt to knock your opponent off his horse.

Roam the lands and banish monsters with your brave knight

You can also become a knight-errant, a hero who roams the lands looking for great adventures to prove his chivalry and honour. Gallop across the plains and through the forests, defeat terrible monsters, and visit foreign courts to see if there are any royals in need of assistance. There’s sure to be a king somewhere who’s looking for a wandering knight to dispatch on a dangerous quest. And you’re just the hero for the job!

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