Bingo Play is an online bingo game in which the player can choose whether to manually blot the numbers or set blotting to automatic. The aim of the game is be the first player to mark all the numbers on each bingo card. Players can win prizes by crossing off full rows and columns on the bingo card, completing various diagonals and patterns, or by being the first with a full card. There are a number of different rooms to suit the interests of each player, including high speed rooms. The game features an in-game chat function, which is also where the winners of each round will be announced.

How to play Bingo Play?

Numbers will be randomly drawn. To win the game, players who have selected manual blotting will have to mark the numbers on their bingo cards as they are announced.

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First released in 2012

Score: 3.8 (1433 votes)

Bingo PlayBingo Play
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