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At FunnyGames, we’ve got a huge collection of stickman games to play. With all the recent advances in 3D gaming graphics, who would have thought the humble stickman to be such a lasting feature in the world of online games? However, since the success of the Xiao Xiao stick figure fighting games, these funny line drawings can be found throughout many of the main genres of casual gaming, including shooting, archer, and sniper games, action and platform adventure games, and of course fighting games.

Stickman games: simple but effective

Stickmen are very simple drawings representing people. The body, arms, and legs are represented as lines or bars, and the head is a big circle. It’s an extremely basic design, but very effective and easy to recognise. Stick figures are often used in pictograms and storyboarding, but this simple depiction also allows game designers to develop their concepts into playable games with relative ease. Plain as they are, with an engaging story, good music, and some cool special effects, these figures can really make the action come to life!

Stickman game series and genres

Below, you can read a bit more about some of our most popular stickman genres and series.


Our Vex games are an exciting action series with smooth graphics and lots of challenging platform levels. The emphasis is on the player’s skill and agility, since completing difficult tasks allows you not only to unlock new levels and trophies, but also tougher skill settings.

Sift Heads

Crime noir meets stickmen in the Sift Heads games. Follow your lead character through a series of crime heists as you run and gun your way through your many enemies. It’s kill or be killed in these shooter action adventures.

Fancy Pants

The Fancy Pants Adventure games are a series of wholesome platform adventures starring a stickman with some pretty cool trousers. Run, jump, and find your way through the magic portals, but watch out for the spikes and spiders!

Stickman Ragdoll

Ragdoll games are a popular subgenre of stickman games. Fling around a floppy stickman, or use ropes to make crazy jumps and stunts as you enjoy your character’s comical flapping and flailing. Try the game Hanger Online, for example.

Stickman Archer

These are often archery games in which you have to shoot down the other stickmen as fast as you can with your bow and arrow. Take aim and let your arrows fly before your opponents see a chance to fire back!

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