Bubbles 3 is a bubble shooter game designed by Agames. The aim of the game is to clear away as many bubbles as you can. The player can shoot bubbles into the air with the bubble cannon. The bubbles will stick to each other, but if the player creates a cluster of three or more bubbles of the same color, the bubbles will pop and vanish. If the player fails to match three or more bubbles by color, a bubble will vanish from the bottom left corner. When this row of bubbles is gone, new bubbles will appear from the top. If the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen, the player loses the game.

How to play Bubbles 3?

The player can use the mouse to aim the bubble cannon, and tap to shoot. If using a touchscreen, the player can use their finger to aim and shoot.

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Release date

Tuesday April 25 2017

Score: 3.7 (33400 votes)

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