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At FunnyGames, you’ll find a large collection of word games. If you enjoy scrabble, crosswords, and letter puzzles, this is just the page for you! Try your hand at various games in which you have to arrange letters, spot hidden words, or guess the correct term before your hangman is complete. Below, you can read more about the different types of word games we currently have on offer. If you want to play different puzzle games, check out our complete puzzle overview here!

Word search fun

Are you good at spotting patterns and letters? Word search games are a fun form of entertainment and used to appear mainly in printed magazines and booklets. Now you can enjoy these fun games online! Look at the list of terms given below the letter grid (usually in alphabetical order). Can you find them all hidden in the jumble of characters? Words can be spelled horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and even back-to-front! Good luck, and don’t forget to check out our dedicated word search page, too!

Find the words in our crossword games

Crosswords are probably the most famous type of word games, and some newspapers are known for featuring notoriously difficult ones with cryptic clues, perplexing puns, and enigmatic anagrams. Try your hand at one of these challenging games and discover whether you’re a natural solver. Even if you find you still have a long learning curve ahead of you, remember: practice makes perfect.

Guess the words with Hangman games

Another fun word game that’s sometimes played in classrooms is Hangman. Guess letters and try to fill in the empty slots to discover the secret word. If you choose the wrong letter, a part of the line drawing of a gallows and hanged stickman will appear. Can you discover the correct word or phrase before the hangman is complete?

Other word, letter and scrabble puzzles

We’ve got lots of other fun games based on scrabble and letter connect puzzles as well. Have a shot at 4 Images 1 Word, or the spelling game words cracker and see if you can improve your personal high score. If you want to learn how to type words faster, be sure to check out our typing games as well. Have fun playing!

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