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Typing is an important skill. Here at FunnyGames, you’ll find a selection of fun and educational typing games. Being able to type out words quickly without looking at the keyboard is called ‘touch typing’. It’s a skill that can save you a lot of time, and because you’ll be able to look at the screen you’ll also be able to spot and correct typos more easily. Mastering this skill takes time and effort, but the games you’ll find on this page have gamified this process to make it fun. As you play, your typing skills will allow you to leap over obstacles, overtake opponents, and shoot attackers. Keep your eyes on the screen and see if you can type without peeking at your fingers in one of our fast typing games!

Typing games: the Touch Typing hand position is the secret to winning

The secret to touch typing is keeping your hands in the right position on the keyboard. If you look at the letter keys carefully, you’ll see a little ridge on the ‘F’ and ‘J’. Place your left index finger on the F, and the right index finger on the J. The ridges will help you find these keys as you type. The remaining fingers of your left hand go on the A, S, and D keys. On the right side, your remaining fingers go on the K, L, and semicolon key. Each finger can slide one row up or down in a slightly slanted line to reach for the letters in the rows above and below. Your index fingers can slide towards the centre of the keyboard to reach the two middle columns, and your thumbs control the space key.

Ready, set, type!

Are you ready to get started? Why not have a go at AlphAttack and see how many missiles you can detonate on time. You can also try to type letters and words to fend off alien attackers, stop the laser gun from exploding, or solve word puzzles. Have fun playing!

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