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Do you think you know it all? Come test the extent of your general knowledge with our collection of entertaining trivia games. Can you answer all the questions correctly and set the highest score? On this page, you’ll find a number of different trivia quiz games to play, covering a range of topics from general knowledge to celebrity gossip. Learn to memorize flags or crack difficult sequence puzzles. If you like a challenge, be sure to check out our quiz games collection and our brain training games pages as well.

Trivia Games: Origin

You might recognize the word Trivia from the game Trivial Pursuit. Sometimes the word ‘trivial’ has a negative connotation, meaning ‘unimportant’, or ‘commonplace’. The word derives from the Latin for ‘three roads’. The Romans used to publish news notifications at crossroads so that people travelling the long roads of the Roman Empire could remain more or less informed about matters of general interest. In this sense, ‘trivial’ became linked to commonly accessible knowledge that you came by, quite literally, ‘from the streets’.
In medieval times, the ‘trivium’ referred to the three basic subjects of university education: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. This ‘trivium’ formed the lower division of the seven liberal arts, subjects considered more basic and less challenging than the four subjects of the higher division: arithmetic, astronomy, geometry, and music. From here, the word trivia gradually shifted toward its modern usage, meaning ‘general knowledge’, or little bits of information that might be interesting but overall insignificant.

Our Trivia Games

Check out our collection of addicting trivia games. Try out the addicting general knowledge game QuizzLand, for instance. In this quiz-based board game, you can advance by answering multiple-choice questions correctly, read interesting bits of additional information, and traverse the board to select the topics you find most interesting. We also have a number of image-based trivia games about topics such as animals, world maps, movie tropes, celebrities, sports, and more. Or check out our games based on trivia quiz shows from TV, trick question games, and other trivia challenges. Have fun playing!

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