Quizzland is a fun quiz game presented in a board game format. Players must answer the quiz questions to unlock new tiles and move across the board to reach the exit. Each unlocked tile will have a pictogram indicating the topic of the question. Subjects include general knowledge as well as specific fields of interest, such as sport, biology, pop culture, and so forth. Once the player has found the exit, they can answer a final question to complete the level. However, players may also choose to complete any leftover quiz-tiles still remaining on the board in order to score additional points. After completing each quiz question, the player can also scroll down to read more background information about the topic.

How to play Quizzland?

Players can tap on the tiles to unlock them and receive a quiz question. The questions are all multiple choice questions, and the player can select one four answers.

Game developer

MNO Go Apps Ltd

Release date

November 26, 2020

Score: 3.6 (350 votes)

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Walkthrough Quizzland
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