Bob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure is a new Bob the Robber adventure set in a temple reminiscent of Indiana Jones' Temple of Doom. This temple is full of gold coins... but you'll have to make an effort to find them. Help wily thief Bob avoid getting caught by the mummies and the guards. It seems that this ancient civilization sure had high-tech security gear: make sure the magical statues and the mystical security cameras of yore don't spot you! Collect gadgets such as lock-picking tools and better shoes to help you open doors and outrun the deadly boulders. You can knock out most of the mummies, witch doctors, and guards - however, you won't win a wrestling match with the lasers or the boulders. Can you clear all the fun levels of this platform puzzle game?

Score: 3.6 (7903 votes)

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Walkthrough Bob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure
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