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Can You Find Your Way out of these Amazing Maze Games?

Find the way out in our collecting of challenging, free online maze games! Can you see which way you have to go in order to make it from the entrance to the exit? We’ve got all kinds of addictive maze games for you to solve, from hedge mazes to ice mazes, and from 3D maze adventures to creepy labyrinths full of Minotaurs, zombies, and other monsters. Journey through each winding series of passages and search for treasures. Don’t forget to bring a length of thread so that you can find your way back out!

Explore our Challenging Labyrinth and Maze Games for Kids

The words “maze” and “labyrinth” are often used interchangeably, but they don’t actually mean the same thing. Do you know what makes a labyrinth different from a maze? A classical labyrinth is unicursal, which means that they consist of only one narrow path with no branches. While it may feel like you’re lost, as long as you keep walking you’ll eventually find the way to the centre of the design. Mazes, on the other hand, have branches. That means that the path will sometimes split. Can you figure out which turning to take? If you take the wrong turn, you’ll run into a dead end. Uh-oh! Better retrace your steps and try again. Can you find the exit in one go or will you get hopelessly lost? Be patient and try to remember the way you’ve come. You’ll make it to the exit eventually. Good luck!

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