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With our collection of baby games, you can learn what it’s like to take care of a cute little baby. While they look absolutely adorable, babies aren’t all sunshine and sweetness. Crying, messy eating, and unbelievably dirty diapers are all part of caring for a baby, too! Can you help the mommies and daddies in these games cope with the responsibility of childcare and help them look after their toddlers and newborn babies?

Enjoy Fun Baby Games for Girls and Boys

Tiny babies can do so little for themselves, and toddlers also need a watchful eye to make sure they don’t get up to anything dangerous. Are you up for the ultimate babysitting challenge? Help the mommies and daddies take care of their little sons and daughters. Bathe the babies and carefully shampoo their fine hair with special baby shampoo. Give baby some bath toys to play with to keep the child distracted. Once you’ve patted baby dry with a towel, it’s time to put on a clean diaper. Now you’re all set to dress baby up in the cutest baby clothing. Take your wee one to the nursery where they can toddle around or play in the cot. In the meanwhile, you can prepare some food. Baby might make a big mess of their meal, but it’s important to feed them well so that they can grow into a big and healthy child. After some more play time, baby will begin to get sleepy. Time for bed (and for you to enjoy some peace and quiet). Tuck baby in so that the soft blankets will keep your little bundle of joy warm. Look at you! Well done, super-nanny!

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