Crescent Solitaire is a card game that is played with two decks of cards. Small stacks of cards are arranged in a semicircle, with a row of kings and a row of aces in the middle. The stacks in the middle can be used to stack away the cards in ascending and descending order. Players may also take cards from the stacks and place them on other stacks in the semicircle, provided that they match the suit and are one point higher or lower in value than the previous card. The aim of the game is to sort through all the stacks in the semi-circle and eventually move all of the cards to the discard stacks in the middle. The player has 15 minutes and three reshuffles to achieve this objective.

How to play Crescent Solitaire?

Players can drag the cards from one stack to another. It is also permitted to remove cards from the middle stacks and bring them back into the game. When reshuffling the cards, the bottom card will be drawn out from each stack and placed on top.

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Wednesday June 14 2017

Score: 3.6 (10819 votes)

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