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Play the Best Mahjong Games for Free Online and Solve the Tile Puzzles

Mahjong games are addictive tile-based games that use the traditional tiles of the popular Chinese game Mahjong. The style of mahjong game that you will typically find on this page is also called Mahjong Solitaire or Shanghai Solitaire, because unlike the original 4-player or 3-player table games, players tend to play these computerized versions alone. In the free mahjong games collected on this page, the 144 tiles are laid out in a series of patterns, often consisting of multiple layers. Your objective is to find the matching pairs and clear them from the table.

How to Play Mahjong Solitaire Tiles Games

Look carefully at the tile-pattern on the table. You’ll see lots of tiles bearing symbols and Chinese characters. The tiles can be divided into three types: the simples tiles, the honours tiles, and the bonus tiles. The simples tiles are numbered from 1 to 9 and include three suits: the dots, the bamboos, and the characters. The honours tiles have no numbered sequence. They represent two suits: the four winds and the three dragons. The bonus tiles consist of four different flower tiles and the four seasons.

Even though you might spot many pairs at the outset of the game, you can only select the rectangular tiles that are free on at least one long side. In addition, you can’t select any tiles that are wholly or partially covered by other tiles. Peel away the layers of tiles by finding the playable pairs and making melds. Each matched set will vanish from the table. Some mahjong games will give hints and allow you to shuffle the tiles if you get stuck, but in some cases running out of moves will mean you lose. Do you have the skill it takes to plan ahead and pick the right matches? Good luck playing our amazing 2D and 3D mahjong games! We have free online games with themed tiles as well as classic mahjong solitaire, so take you pick!

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