Mahjongg Solitaire is a mahjong game in which players have to clear away the tiles by making pairs. Identical tiles can be used to create pairs (or ‘melds’), and certain tiles such as the blue and green tiles representing nature and the seasons also form a set, even though they are not completely identical. Tiles can only be selected and used to form a pair if both tiles are not covered by any other tile and if they are free on at least one of the long sides. When the player runs out of moves, the game will be over and the points will be added up to provide a final score.

How to play Mahjongg Solitaire?

To select any pair of tiles, the player can tap on one tile and then another. If the two tiles form a valid pair, they will automatically vanish from the board.

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Wednesday December 04, 2019

Score: 3.9 (3088 votes)

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