Spider Solitaire Suits is a card game that is played with multiple decks of cards. Players must sort the cards from King to Ace. Cards can be stacked regardless of suit, but only complete suits of cards will vanish from the table. When no more moves are possible with the cards already lying face up on the table, a new row of cards can be dealt on top of the previous ones. The aim of the game is to clear away all of the cards. Spider Solitaire Suits can be played using cards from one, two, or four suits of cards. The game becomes increasingly difficult when more suits are used.

How to play Spider Solitaire Suits?

Players can drag and drop the cards from one stack to another. When a full set is assembled from king to ace, this sequence will automatically be cleared away and set aside.

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Monday April 24 2017

Score: 3.5 (17360 votes)

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