Patience 1 is a simple solitaire game in which players can draw one card per turn. Players must draw cards from the stack and sort the cards on the table from king to ace. Cards can be stacked on top of each other by alternating the red and the black suits. Aces can also be moved to the four empty cells at the top of the table. Here, players can stack away the cards by suit, ordering them from ace to king. This game does not feature a three-card draw.

How to play Patience 1?

Players can drag the cards from one stack to another. In the tableau, the cards must be stacked in descending order by alternating the red and black cards. In the top stacks, the cards must be stacked in ascending order and according to the card suits.

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Release date

Wednesday June 14 2017

Score: 3.5 (9885 votes)

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