Mahjong 1 is the original Mah Jong game. The objective of this mahjong solitaire game is to clear away all the tiles from the board. To remove the tiles, players must find the identical pairs. Not every tile can be selected, however. To play a tile, that tile cannot be (partially) covered by any other tiles. The tiles must also be free on at least one long side. There are also a number of tiles that are not identical, but form part of set, such as the portraits and the plants. These tiles can also be combined to make a pair.

How to play Mahjong 1?

To select a pair of tiles, the player can tap on one tile and then another. This will form a pair, and if valid, the selected pair will automatically vanish.

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Wednesday June 14 2017

Score: 3.7 (11997 votes)

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