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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Taxi Games! You'll find no less than 14 different Taxi Games, such as Uber Taxi Driver 3D & Drive Taxi

Play Fast-Paced Taxi Games for Free Online and Drive like the Wind

Speed through town in our collection of action-packed taxi games. If you’re a fast driver with a vast knowledge of all the city’s streets and alleys, then hop into your cab and start your career as a taxi driver at Funny-Games! Drive through town and look for anyone who’s trying to hail a cab. Wheel your car around and pick up your passengers. Do you know the quickest way to their destination? Check the map or follow the arrows and drop your customer off at the airport, the station, or at their hotel. If you cover the distance quickly, there might be a big tip in it for you! We’ve got all kinds of amazing taxi games for you to play, including some awesome 3D taxi driving adventures!

Enjoy our Taxi Driving Games and Transport as Many Passengers as You Can

Taxis are commonly used to book private transfers and shorts trips. Before the modern taxi there was the hackney carriage, followed later on by the hansom cab. These were horse-drawn carriages that a person could hire to travel distances that were too long or troublesome to walk. The word “taxi” comes from the taximeter, the little electronic device that calculates the cost of your ride. Slip into the driver’s seat and buckle up. Transport as many people as you can and collect enough money from taxi fares to meet your goals in each level. Have fun with our cool collection of free online taxi games!

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