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Simulation games are games that are based on real-life and allow players to experience or practice certain activities. On this page, you’ll find a large collection of simulation games spanning lots of different subgenres. In professional life, sim games and computer simulations are used for things like training, analysis and prediction, but they can also be used just for fun. Below, we’ve provided a bit more information about our most popular sim games.

Driving and Parking Simulation

In these games, the player can choose from a range of sports cars, fire trucks, police cars, long-haul trucks, ambulances and other specialized vehicles to drive. Players can explore stunt parks, or drive across dirt roads, mountain paths, or through the streets of a realistic city. In our collection of parking sims, the player must drive their vehicle through a crowded parking lot and maneuver the car into the designated parking area. For our full overview of car games, players can go to this page.

Hospital and Surgery Simulation

In games such as the Operate Now series, the player is a specialized surgeon and must perform a series of life-saving surgeries. The player will have a team of medical staff to support them. The objective of these games is to choose the right surgical instruments and carefully perform the correct procedures.

War Simulation

This category is very popular and spans various ages of human history as well as the sci-fi genre of space wars set in the future or a different universe. In these games, the player must manage their resources carefully, investing in weaponry, soldiers, fortifications, supplies, and technological research. The aim is to defend the base against enemies and claim more territory. Click here to view our full War games page.

Management and Construction Simulation

Another popular category that revolves around managing funds and resources are games in which you have to construct a city. Sometimes these games also tie in with strategy and war games, because players might have to defend their city from hostile attacks while also trying to expand it. Other building sims like the popular Sim City are purely about managing people, space and financial resources to preserve a healthy economy and build a thriving city.

Farming Simulation

In these games, the player often buys or inherits a dilapidated farm. With some help from a group of friendly characters, the player can restore the farm, purchase extra land, and start turning the old barnyard into a thriving business. You can view our full collection of Farm games on this page.

Hunting Simulation

Hunting sims come in two types. The player either takes on the role of a human hunter roaming the forests or the plains to shoot or trap some animals, or players can experience the life of a predator like a tiger or a fox and hunt for small prey in one of our animal simulators.

Our Simulation Games

All of our simulation games are browser games, and can be played directly by visiting the site and tapping on a game, without having to download anything. Anyone can start playing right away. Have fun!

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