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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Dinosaurs Games! You'll find no less than 7 different Dinosaurs Games, such as Super Dino Fighter & L.A. Rex

Play Amazing Free Online Dinosaur Games for Kids

No creatures capture the imagination quite like dinosaurs. In these dino games for kids you can learn all about the most famous dinosaur species and roam the prehistoric world with these fascinating, dragon-like creatures. Dinosaurs first walked the earth in the Triassic era, and survived all the way into the Cretacious period, but the most famous age of the dinosaurs is of course the Jurassic. While we tend to think of dinosaurs as huge animals, like the towering T-Rex or the long-necked Brachiosaurus, some dinosaurs were really quite small. The smallest raptor species would only come up to an adult human being’s knee – but they have pretty sharp teeth, so watch out!

Roam the Jurassic World in our Free Dinosaur Games

In these free online dinosaur games you can experience life as a dinosaur. Run from the meteors and lava with the speedy velociraptors. Make sure a massive extinction event doesn’t turn you into a fossil or a pile of bones for a palaeontologist to dig up millions of years later. You can build your own robot dinosaur, protect the dino eggs from predators, become a Jurassic hunter, or terrorize famous modern cities with a hungry T-Rex. Play fun dino running games, keep your ancient stronghold safe in a dinosaur-themed tower defence game, or help the cute dino survive a series of challenging platform levels. Here at FunnyGames, we’ve got the best free online dino games for you. Travel back in time and walk the planet alongside the dinosaurs! Have fun playing!

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