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In dodging games, your job is to avoid colliding with any obstacles. These games are sometimes also referred to as evade games, or avoid games. You’ll have to weave between the barriers and blockades, looking for an opening. Try to take into account not only the obstacle or barrier closest to you, but also to whatever lies further ahead. As you advance through the game, each subsequent level will become tougher. The pace of the game will gradually increase, as will the number and type of different obstacles. How long will you be able to stay focused?
There are quite a few different games that fit this broad category. Continue reading to get a better idea of the types of games you’ll find on this page.

3D Dodging games

3D run and dodge games are the most immersive dodging games of all. In these games, you’ll control and ball, spaceship, or other item hurtling through a 3D landscape littered with dangerous obstacles. Try to stay on the track while making sure you don’t smash into anything. Dodging games also share some key features with our Running and Jumping category, so be sure to check out our Running and Jumping games overview for additional titles with 3D graphics!

Fly and Dodge games

On our Flying and Dodging page, we’ve collected all the Dodging games featuring planes, spaceships, and other aircraft. If you love fast-paced, bullet-dodging aerial action, this is the page for you!

Dodging games with live players

We also have a number of popular multiplayer dodging games in which you have to try to avoid colliding with other players by predicting their movements and reacting quickly to evade their attacks. Can you outmanoeuvre the other players in popular titles such as Paper.io 2 and Blong.io? Good luck!

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