Mah Jong Connect is a connect game in which the player must clear away all of the tiles on the board. The tiles can be cleared away by connecting the identical pairs. However, each pair must be playable. This means that the line connecting the two tiles makes no more than two bends and does not run through any other tiles. When tiles are cleared away, the remaining tiles will shift in a particular direction. The movement pattern is different for each level of the game. The clock is ticking, but players can win more tile by eliminating the matching pairs quickly. This game has 12 levels for players to complete.

How to play Mah Jong Connect?

To select a pair of tiles, the player can tap on one tile and then another. This will form a pair, and if valid, the selected pair will automatically vanish.

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Release date

Tuesday April 25 2017

Score: 3.7 (31656 votes)

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