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Math games: helping you improve your skills

Math is a school subject not everyone is keen on, but being able to solve addition, subtraction, division and multiplication sums is an unavoidable part of life. In fact, in daily life, we use math skills all the time. For instance, when you’re counting up change to see if you have enough money to buy a snack, drawing geometric shapes, or counting down the hours until school is out. We need to make all kinds of quick calculations throughout the day, so we might as well get some practice in.

What math is about

Math is short for mathematics and comes from the Greek word ‘mathema’, which means ‘knowledge’ or ‘learning’. If that sounds a bit vague (knowledge of what?), that’s because math is a very broad field that includes a lot of different skills. It includes counting and calculation, measurement of shapes and quantities and motion, the study of structure and change, and mathematical abstraction and logic, among other things. That’s quite a range!

Playing math games

While it’s true that some people have an easier time understanding mathematical puzzles than others, math skills don’t come down to talent alone. Every skill becomes easier with practice. Maybe you’re already a star at arithmetic. Especially if you aren’t, practice can feel tedious. Not with these games though! In our math games, you can use your math skills to defeat zombies, become a real estate tycoon, and merge or crush colorful blocks.

Our online game collection

Our math games offer a combination of entertainment, challenging puzzles, and arithmetic skills. Complete lots of practice sums and enjoy solving these math-based puzzle games. Learn how to subtract, add, divide, and multiply quickly and without needing to use a calculator! If you love the intellectual challenge of solving problems and looking for patterns, be sure to take a look at our collection of calculation puzzle games, and puzzle blocks games as well!

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