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Here, you’ll find a great collection of online domino games. Dominoes is an ancient tile-based table game that most likely has its historical origins in China, although by the time it reached Europe both the tile set and the rules had changed considerably in transit. Try to link up the tiles by matching the numbers at the end of each chain, and be the first to get rid of your tiles to win the game. Looking for more games? Don’t forget to check out our board games section as well!

Domino games – rules

The game has travelled widely, so there are lots of different ways to play and rules will vary widely accordingly. In general, however, your objective is usually to match the tiles and form a chain. Each rectangular tile is divided into two halves, and each half has a number on it. (In sets for younger children, the numbers are sometimes replaced with pictures.) Link the tiles together by placing the matching halves against one another. Try to get rid of your tiles before your opponents can place all of theirs on the table. If you can’t place any tiles because you don’t have any pieces that match the ones on the table, you’ll have to draw a new one from the stock.

Domino games – doubles

Doubles are special pieces in the set that have the same number on each half. These can be placed at a 90 degree angle against another piece with the same number. Usually, at the start of the game, you determine who gets to begin by revealing who holds the highest double. That player must then lead with that tile. 1/1 is the lowest double, while 6/6 is the highest.

Dominoes – a game of strategy

Dominoes looks simple, but it’s not just a game of luck. You’ll often be able to choose which tiles you play. Depending on what domino tiles you are holding, which ones are already on the table, and which ones you suspect your opponents might possess, you can try to work out the most favourable moves. In some games, rather than winning by playing all of your tiles, your objective is to reach a certain amount of points. While the rules are often fairly self-evident, and many domino games contain a tutorial, you can always revisit the rules via the menu or the in-game info section. Good luck!

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