Mahjong Connect 2 is a connect game that uses the classic Mahjong tiles. Each tile has a picture on it, and players can clear away the tiles by combining identical pairs. Tiles can only be played if at least one side is free. In addition, the line that connects each pair of tile may consist of no more than three line segments. At the bottom of the screen, there is a timer. This bar will slowly empty out, but players can add more time by pairing up tiles. To win the game, the player must complete each level before the time runs out. Players can also collect a number of special items and power-boosters.

How to play Mahjong Connect 2?

To select any pair of tiles, the player can tap on one tile and then another. If the two tiles match and the combination is valid, the selected pair will automatically vanish from the board.

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Release date

Monday April 24 2017

Score: 3.8 (7806 votes)

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