Solitaire 1 is a single-player card game that uses one deck of cards. The aim of the game is to sort all of the cards by suit in the four empty cells at the top. The cards are arranged in seven rows on the table, with the remaining cards lying face down on the stack in the top left corner. Players can draw new cards from this stack. By alternating the red and black cards, the player can stack the cards from king to ace in the tableau and attempt to flip all of the cards that are still lying face down. Only a king can be placed in an empty row in the tableau.

How to play Solitaire 1?

Players can drag the cards from one stack to another. In the tableau, the cards must be stacked in descending order by alternating the red and black cards. In the top stacks, the cards must be stacked in ascending order and according to the four card suits.

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Wednesday June 14, 2017

Score: 3.3 (15535 votes)

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