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On this page, you’ll find an overview of our most popular anime games. Join up with your favorite heroes from various animated series and manga comics, or design and dress up your own anime-style characters. If you’re looking specifically for fighting games based on Japanese action series, check out our Anime Battle games page. Looking for immersive MMO titles with manga-style characters? Have a look at our Anime MMO collection.

What is anime?

The word ‘anime’ is derived from ‘animation’. In Japan, it refers to any type of computer animated or hand-drawn animation. Outside of Japan, however, anime is mostly used to refer to animated series and movies from Japan. While the visual styles of different anime series are distinct from each other, these art styles are often characterized by shared features such as colourful hair and costumes, and relatively large and expressive eyes.

Anime history

Commercially produced animation experienced a boom in popularity in Japan in the 1960s. The success of early Walt Disney productions had a great influence on Japanese animators, particularly the famous and extremely prolific manga artist and animator Osamu Tezuka. He also looked to Hollywood cinematography, drawing on techniques like angle shots, dramatic zooms, and panning to create a visually engaging flow of panels. His most famous works include Astro Boy, Princess Knight, Phoenix, and Black Jack. In 1964, Astro Boy became the first Japanese animation series aired in the U.S., and Japanese animation also began to break into the European market.

Anime landmarks

It was only in the late 1980s, however, that anime (or Japanimation, as it was sometimes called at the time) really started to take off in the West. One very influential factor was the 1988 landmark dystopian cyberpunk movie Akira, based on the manga by Katsuhiro Otomo. With a complex plot and dazzling artwork, Akira captivated audiences world-wide. In the late-1990s, anime became even more popular in the West when series such as Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and Pokémon started airing during prime time slots. The availability of manga scans and anime on the internet has further boosted its global popularity.

Our anime games

We have anime games based on various famous series, including a selection of Dragon Ball Z games and Naruto games. Check out these and many other titles, such as Sword Art Online, One Piece, and Bleach.

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