City Stunts is another awesome car game by Ado. Choose any of the 8 different vehicles to race through the old city with. You can select 6 different sports cars, a big jeep, or a clunky bus. Race through the streets and alleys as you search for the super loops, vert ramps, quarter pipes, and tilted loops. If you hit the ramps at the right angle you can even jump over the buildings and through some of the other loops. Floor the gas pedal and dodge the lampposts and other obstacles cluttering the narrow city streets. You need to gain some speed to send your car through the loops and leaping off the ramps. Enjoy the spectacular views as you soar over the roofs with your car! If you love this 3D Ado Cars game, check out Ado Stunt Cars 2 and Ado Cars Drifter as well!

Score: 3.7 (1608 votes)

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