Top Speed Racing 3D is a car game with lots of great levels and challenges. The player can drive through the city and search for diamonds. Various challenges zones are dotted around the city. The player can drive into one of the colored hoops to attempt a drift challenge, a parkour challenge, or a time trial. This game features a lot of variation and a realistic design with lots of awesome cars to unlock, including sleek sports cars and powerful jeeps.

How to play Top Speed Racing 3D?

The player starts in the garage, where they can select a car and various customization options. To earn more cash for upgrades, the player can explore the 3D city and search for diamonds and challenges to complete. Each challenge is worth a sum of money, based on the level of difficulty. There are parkour challenges in which the player must complete a tricky stunt track, time trials in which the player must set a record time, and drift challenges in which the player must try to drift through the bends for as long as possible without crashing.

Game developer

Great Games

Release date

April 21, 2021

Score: 3 (8 votes)

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