Traffic Run Online is a colourful 3D reaction game for all ages. Can you steer your car across the intersections and the railroad crossings without crashing? Drive down the road and cross the other lanes of traffic. Sometimes you will have to turn onto the motorway and slip between the other cars rushing down the lane. Make sure to keep your eyes on the road ahead when you exit the motorway, too. You'll have to avoid trains, trucks, busses, and other cars. Press the left mouse button to speed up, and release to brake. You can collect coins along the way to unlock new cars (at a price of 100 coins each). You can also invest in some new colors for the cars you've already unlocked. Try to collect them all! There are lots of levels to complete in this fun 3D game that combines the more engaging elements of traffic management and Frogger. The levels will feature increasingly challenging arrangements of obstacles. If you crash, you get to keep your progress though. You'll only have to redo the level you were on.

Score: 3.7 (672 votes)

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