Alphabet 2048 is an educational puzzle game in which players can merge the letters of the alphabet. The aim is to merge the identical letters to unlock the next letter in the alphabet. So players can merge two A’s to get a B, two B’s to get a C, and so forth.

How to play Alphabet 2048?

To merge the letters, the player can bump two identical letters into one another by pressing the arrow keys or swiping a finger across the touchscreen. Merging letters will also help to keep enough space for new letters to appear on the board. If the player runs out of space, the game is not necessarily over, however: the player can also choose to shuffle the letters on the board, which could result in some new combinations.

Game developer

LOF Games

Release date

April 9, 2021

Score: 3 (4 votes)

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Walkthrough Alphabet 2048
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