Welcome to Blast Away Ball Drop, a free online skill game in which you have to rely on your ability to aim a perfect shot! Your objective in this Bubble Trouble adventure is to eliminate all the bubbles dropping from the sky. Use your mouse to move your blaster around and fire. Your blaster cannon will continue shooting automatically, as long as you keep pressing the mouse button. Each bubble has a number listed in the middle. This number will drop with every hit the orb takes. When it hits zero, the bubble will pop. If a bubble hits your blaster, you die. So be sure to avoid them as they bounce around the level. Watch out, because the larger orbs will divide into smaller ones! Upgrade your blaster to full power by using the coins you earn for popping the orbs. If you like, you can also change the skyline and your blaster's skin with your earnings.

Score: 3.4 (80 votes)

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Walkthrough Blast Away Ball Drop
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