Fireboy and Watergirl 4
Fireboy and Watergirl 4
Fireboy and Watergirl 4
Fireboy and Watergirl 4
Fireboy and Watergirl 4

Fireboy and Watergirl 4



Fireboy and Watergirl 4 is a two-player platform adventure game designed by game developer Olso Albet. This game can also be played by one player controlling both characters. The aim of the game is to collect the colored gems and guide both heroes to the exit. In this episode, Fireboy and Watergirl are exploring the Crystal Temple. The two heroes must help each other through the maze-like levels by pressing buttons, opening secret doors, and activating the elevators and teleportation devices. Fireboy collects the red gems and can walk through lava, but he cannot touch the water. Watergirl can collect the blue gems and walk through water, but she cannot touch the lava. The pools of poison are deadly to both characters. Only by working together can both characters make it to the exit.

How to play Fireboy and Watergirl 4?

Fireboy and Watergirl can find the way past the various obstacles by pressing the right buttons and switches. To press down a button, a characters can stand on top of it or place an item on top of the button to keep it pressed down. To flip the switches, the characters can simply walk past the lever. The exits will only open when all gems have been collected and both characters have reached the correct exit. If one character dies, the other will also die, and the level will restart.

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Wednesday October 31, 2018

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