The Instagirls are back! In the online game Instagirls Christmas Dress Up, our fashion conscious girls are getting ready for Christmas. Can you help them find the perfect outfit to celebrate the festive season? The Instagirls share all their fashion choices with their online followers, so head to the store to pick some cute items and start snapping pictures. You can add some Christmas-themed jewelry, handbags, and other accessories to make your outfit look very unique. Let's see what your Instagirl's followers think. If they like your outfit, they'll give you lots of likes to boost your budget. But if they think your new outfit is a fashion fiasco, only your most loyal followers might still give it a like... just because it's you. That won't help your shopping budget much. Keep dressing up and restyling your girl's hair until you hit the winning combination of clothing. What your followers consider high fashion might surprise you sometimes though... Guess you really can't argue about taste.

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