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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Surgery Games! You'll find no less than 9 different Surgery Games, such as Operate Now Hospital Surgeon & Hand Skin Doctor

In these exciting surgery games, you get to try your hand at being a surgeon. Make scans and X-ray pictures to see what's wrong with your patients. Once you have a diagnosis, you can prepare your patient for surgery. Slip on some surgical gloves, a hairnet, a surgeon's mask, and get your scalpel and the rest of your surgical tool tray ready for the operation. You'll need a steady hand if you want to bring these surgery simulator games to a happy conclusion and cure your patients. As a surgeon, you can't be too squeamish either! Make the right incisions and remove the bone fragments, diseased tissues, or foreign objects causing the complaint. Make sure you stop any bleeding that happens during the operation, and complete the surgery by stitching and stapling everything shut again. Being a surgeon is a tough job that requires precision and focus. Test your medical know-how in these free online surgery games and become a famous surgeon!

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