Shaun the Sheep: Alien Athletics is a running game starring Shaun and his friends from the Mossy Bottom farm. An alien from outer space wants to abduct the sheep. This green creature is hovering over the farm with his flying saucer, trying to capture the sheep with his traction beam. As long as Shaun and the other sheep remain on the move, however, the alien can’t catch them.

How to play Shaun the Sheep: Alien Athletics?

The player can help Shaun and the other sheep run across the fields and jump over the obstacles. If Shaun trips, however, the group will have to stop for a moment, and the alien will take away one of the sheep using the UFO’s traction beam. The player has three sheep, and must try to cover as much distance as possible.

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Release date

April 20, 2021

Score: 2.8 (9 votes)

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Walkthrough Shaun the Sheep: Alien Athletics
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