Race down the road in Car Mayhem and try to blow up as many cars as you can while avoiding the roadblocks. The cars backed up against the roadblocks are easy targets, but be sure to switch lanes before you crash! You earn money for each car you destroy, and in between levels you can check in with the mad scientist and the mechanic to upgrade your car. The mad scientist will equip your car with all kinds of crazy weapon upgrades, and the mechanic can help you make your car more damage-resistant and boost your capacity to earn money, among other things. Each car you destroy will spout a plume of smoke that can obscure your vision, so stay focused and try to keep your eyes on the road no matter what happens! If you encounter a police barricade, try to identify the gap in the barrier where you can burst through without smashing up your car.

Score: 3.5 (44 votes)

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