Goodgame Big Farm is a farming game in which the player inherits Uncle George’s farm. Unfortunately, the farm is in a terrible state of disrepair. However, with some help from neighbouring farmers, store owners and the local vet, the player can clean this barnyard up and turn the farm into a profitable business again. There are all kinds of tasks to complete around the farm, and the game also features regular events and competitions. Players must plant and harvest crops, buy and care for the farm animals, and process products in order to sell them at the market.

How to play Goodgame Big Farm?

This game features an in-game tutorial. Tutorial chapters will pop up whenever the player unlocks new elements of the game. Each competition and event features clear instructions so that the player always what to do. To play this game full screen, click on 'Options' in the top right corner of the game and select 'Fullscreen'.

Game developer

Goodgame Studios

Release date

First released on October 29, 2012

Score: 4.2 (3720 votes)

Goodgame Big FarmGoodgame Big Farm
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