Microgolf Masters is a great multiplayer mini golf game full of daily challenges. Play solo and try to rank best in a league of twelve players, join a 4-player party to compete in a team-based golf competition, or play a 2vs2 tournament. When tournament mode in unlocked, you can access even more PvP play options. Gather rewards by logging in every day. There are daily rewards to collect, as well as rewards that reload every couple of hours. Collect enough diamonds and gold to buy new items and prize cards. You can draw cards to win extra presents. View the championship and league overviews to see how you rank against other players. Can you climb all the way to the top? Check out the layout of each green, set the right speed and direction, and try to shoot the ball into the hole in as few moves as possible!

Score: 3.5 (100 votes)

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