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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Zombie Games! You'll find no less than 57 different Zombie Games, such as Medieval Defense Z & Zombeat.io

Play the Best Zombie Games for Free Online

Zombies are ghastly flesh-eating ghouls that have risen from the grave. Juicy human brains are their favourite food, and they’ll do just about anything to sink their teeth into your limbs. They’ll keep coming after you, even if their bodies are falling apart! In these addicting online games, you have to escape the clutches of these hungry, festering, B-movie monsters. Find a hideout and barricade the doors and windows, and search the abandoned city for supplies that will help you stay alive. Think of things such as food, medical supplies, and extra ammunition. During the long and terrifying nights, you will have to stand guard to keep the zombies out. Try to save ammo by shooting the undead corpses in the head. In most video games, a headshot is the most effective way to kill a zombie!

Broad Selection of Cool Zombie Survival Games

Play a broad range of zombie adventure games, from comical football matches where the ball is a brain and the opposing team a horde of salivating zombies, to realistic first-person shooters full of petrifying jump-scare moments. Check out the zombie shooter game series Dead Zed and other cool zombie fighting games, for instance. A macabre science experiment or virus has turned almost all of the humans in the city into zombies. Somehow, you have been spared that fate, but for how long? The zombies are coming for you. Fight your way through the army of corpses and escape to safety!

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