Backgammonia is a fun online version of the classic board game Backgammon, which hails from Persia. Your objective is to travel one way around the four-part board while your opponent goes round the other way. Try to get your stones safely into the tray first. You can only start moving your stones into the tray once all of them have reached the home board (the section of the board closest to your tray). Throw the dice to determine how many steps you can take. You can move any stone you like, provided the space is available. If you tap a stone, all available moves will be highlighted. You can only take your opponent's stones if they have been left to defend a position alone, and you cannot share a position on the board with your opponent's stones. A stone that is knocked off the board will have to start over again from the middle border, and must be placed back onto the board as soon as possible.

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