Capture the Chicken is a fun platform adventure game. All of Ariel’s chickens have escaped from their enclosure. The player must help this young witch catch all of the chickens. Ariel’s magic bubbles can transport the chickens back to the coop, but the player will need to get close enough to the chickens to capture them.

How to play Capture the Chickens?

Ariel must be careful though, because something has made the chickens angry. They might suddenly turn around and peck Ariel. Too many angry chicken attacks will cost Ariel a life, and the player will then have to restart the level. The objective is to catch all of the escaped chickens and find out who is responsible for chasing them out of the coop.

Game developer

Magnific Studios

Release date

March 19, 2021

Score: 5 (4 votes)

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Walkthrough Capture the Chickens
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