Knife Hit Xmas is a funny knife throwing game in which you have to pin all of your knives into the Christmas baubles, gingerbread cookies, and Xmas presents. Try to hit the green diamonds while you avoid striking any of the knives already pinned into the spinning targets. If you hit the handle of any of the other knives, your own knife will be deflected. Look carefully and toss your knives at the right moment to skewer your targets. In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, you can see how many knives you still have left to throw. Watch out, because your targets may slow down, speed up, or change direction at any given moment. Try to figure out the spin pattern for each round. Use the green diamonds to unlock new knives and pins to throw via the main menu.

Score: 3 (94 votes)

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Walkthrough Knife Hit Xmas
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