In the game Mary Knots Garden Wedding Hidden Objects, Mary is looking after her parents’ house in the flower-trading town Orchidia when she receives a letter from her friend Emma. Emma has been asked to organize a wedding, and needs Mary’s help. Mary’s parents have a lovely garden, but it’ll take a lot of work to turn the yard into a venue worthy of a wedding. Time to get to work!

How to play Mary Knots Garden Wedding Hidden Object?

Through a series of hidden object games and match-3 mini games, Mary can start clearing out her parents’ house and decorating the garden. The player can help Mary find objects to sell and use the money she’s earned to shop for decorations. There are a number of bonus items the player can find in the hidden object scenes. These can be used to unlock extra rewards.

Game developer

Origaming Media

Release date

May 21, 2021

Score: 3.3 (35 votes)

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Walkthrough Mary Knots Garden Wedding Hidden Object
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