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Do you love challenging puzzles and a bit of mystery? Well, you’ve reached your destination! On this page, you’ll find our collection of Escape Room games, from exciting prison escape adventures to mind-boggling mystery mansions and hair-raising horror stories. In each game, you’re locked up in a room or some other confined space, like a car or jail cell. Can you collect clues and items to solve the puzzles and find your way out? Visit our escape games overview page to browse our complete collection.

Escape Rooms games – how to play

The premise of Escape Rooms is simple: you get locked up in a room and you have to find your way out by solving puzzles. It’s the same in these games. Search the space for hidden clues and items. Add them to your inventory, because they will likely come in handy at some point. A rusty old key, a piece of sticky tape, a discarded flash drive, a piece of paper with some sort of code scribbled onto it – these are all items that might hold some significance. Can you figure out how you can use the hints and items you’ve found? You’ll have to think smart and be creative to figure out how to escape.

Escape rooms – real life vs. online

Most Escape Rooms have a particular theme, such as a space mission, a time warp, or a prank. Sometimes the themes are darker and scarier though: for instance, an abduction scenario, a paranormal investigation, or a post-apocalyptic panic room lock-in. While Escape Rooms can be lots of fun, some people find the experience stressful, or they might be afraid it’ll give them a panic attack. With online Escape Rooms, you can still enjoy the puzzles without being afraid of feeling trapped. You can even make the experience more immersive by using your headphones and turning down the lights.

Escape Room – Clues and Hints

Just like real life Escape Rooms, sometimes a particular puzzle will just have you stumped. You can often ask for hints, but even if you can’t, don’t worry: all of our games feature a walkthrough video further down the page. If you really feel like you can’t crack the code, or might have missed an essential clue or item, you can consult the Escape Room’s walkthrough to help you along. Have a browse through our collection, and tap on a game to get started. Whether you go for a Killer Escape game, or something a little less panic-inducing and sinister is up to you. Have fun playing!

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