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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Hidden Objects Games! You'll find no less than 24 different Hidden Objects Games, such as Home Makeover Hidden Object & Blockcraft Cars Hidden Keys

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Here at FunnyGames, we’ve got a great collection of hidden object games for you to play. Search the images to find lost items and clues. Hidden Object Games are also referred to with the acronyms HOG or HOS (the latter stands for Hidden Object Scenes). You might also come across the term HOPA (Hidden Objects Puzzle Aventure). Some games are focused on finding items concealed within the scenes, while others also include puzzles to solve and picture fragments you must assemble using the clues you’ve found.

Hidden Object games: How to play

Each picture presents a scene, usually a very cluttered one, with lots of distracting items and details thrown in. Amongst the jumble of junk, the items you need are carefully hidden away. You’ll have a list of items, or a panel showing the silhouettes of the things you need to find. Search the image and collect all of the items on your list. Found items will vanish, allowing you to clear up the scene little by little.

Our HOS games

There are all kinds of fun variations on HOS games: free play, timed challenges, paranormal adventures, mysterious inheritances, and detective themes. Not sure where to start? Hover your cursor over each game to see the rating it has received from other players, or read more below.

Hidden Objects: Mysterious cases

Paranormal mysteries are a popular theme for these games. Imagine inheriting a mysterious old mansion, or coming across a haunted house or crypt. Wouldn’t you want to investigate these spooky places? Unravel a strange history in the HOS game The Stanwick Legacy and collect the clues you need to unlock secret doors and access closed off parts of the manor house. You can also explore our other Mysterous Adventure games to sift through even more Hidden Object scenes.

Hidden Objects: Detective

Detectives are an obvious choice when it comes to these picture searching games. Switch between crime scene locations, places of interest, and your headquarters as you gather clues and evidence. Play the funny paranormal detective series Vortex Point and solve mysterious cases related to the strange occurrences in this eerie town. Or work together with detectives Rizzoli and Isles to solve a gruesome crime in The Masterpiece Murders.

Search for more Hidden Objects

Ready to get started? Have a browse through our collection and find a theme that captures your interest. You can also browse the side bar to view other related topics and game categories. Have fun playing!

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