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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Nerf Games! You'll find no less than 5 different Nerf Games, such as Sniper Ultimate Assassin 2 & Archery War

Nerf games are awesome online games featuring the famous Hasbro Nerf toys like the N-Force, the Nerf Blaster, and the Super Soaker! There's a rumor that NERF stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam. Which would make sense, since the Nerf brand began with the invention of a polyurethane ball made for indoor games. But that rumor is not actually true at all! Nerf a term from off-road racing. A 'nerf' is a slight collision between two cars that bumps one of the cars ahead. Because the foam that makes up the darts used in Nerf guns is light and soft, you can safely shoot them at your friends and get hit without getting hurt. Super fun for all kinds of action games and adventure games you can come up with. In these free online Nerf games you get to fire darts from all kinds of cool Nerf guns in a series of fun adventures!

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