Pocket Tower is a business management game in which players can create their own skyscraper full of shops, cafés, service stations, and hotel rooms. The player can hire staff, purchase new products to sell, and build new floors. The game can be played as a guest, but by registering for free, players can unlock lots of new game features, upgrades, and the possibility to save their progress.

How to play Pocket Tower?

The player can start by building a handful of floors and bringing in some employees. Each employee is specialized in a specific type of service, and though they can work on other stores they will be most content and provide the best service when working within the relevant department. To keep their business growing, the player can continue to add new floors and new services. Players can hire experts to help them advertise their business center, boost services, play minigames to win rewards, and much more!

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May 10, 2021

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