Fly THIS! is a well-made airline management game. The player’s objective is to transport the passengers to the right terminals. The blue passengers must fly to the blue terminals, the red ones to the red terminals, and so forth. Send the planes in the right direction, and watch out for air traffic from competing airlines. Make sure the flight path of each plane is safe and clear.

How to play Fly THIS! ?

To control the planes, the player can tap on a plane and drag a line to one of the terminals. When other planes come too close, the player can alter a plane’s flight path by tapping on it again and drawing a new line for the plane to follow. As the player advances through the levels, their airline will grow, and they will have more planes at their disposal. This is helpful when it comes to completing the timed challenges more quickly, but more planes traversing the same area also means more chances of accidents happening…

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Release date

May 31, 2021

Score: 3.7 (3 votes)

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