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On this page, you’ll find a great collection of games featuring airplanes. For convenience and easy searching, we’ve divided up our plane games into various subcategories. In our flight simulator and flying games you can pilot various types of aircraft and try to take off and land safely. Our collection of flying and dodging games focuses on dodging enemy planes and bullets. Try to weave your way past the waves of attackers and fire back to destroy the enemy aeroplanes and choppers. If you want to try piloting a helicopter instead, you can check out our helicopter games page, too!

Plane games: Airport management

Another popular category of plane games revolves around airport management. In these titles, it’s your duty to make sure all of the planes land safely on the right airstrips. Taxi your passengers to and from the airport, then direct the planes back to the runway to take flight again. Watch out, because the bigger your airport becomes, the more aircraft you will have to manage. Things will soon become pretty hectic unless you stay in control. Make sure to prevent any accidents from happening!

Planes: a short history

Flight has always fascinated human beings. Back in the late 1700s in France, hot-air and gas-filled balloons first successfully lifted people off the ground and up into the skies. In the late 1800s, the German aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal studied the flight of storks and other birds to build bird-like gliders. His many successful flights with gliders earned him the name “the flying man”. However, the true invention of flight came in the early 1900s, when the Wright brothers completed their first successful controlled glide in 1902, followed by their first successful flight in an engine-powered aircraft in 1903. Although airplanes famously played a very significant role in WW2, planes were also used during WW1 for reconnaissance missions and even to carry out attacks.

Plane games: take to the sky

Whether you want to manage an airport, deliver cargo and passengers, or pilot a warplane and become a flying ace, you’ll find lots of enjoyable games to try out on this page. Don’t forget to take a look at the related categories in the sidebar to discover even more games featuring lots of different types of aircraft. Have fun playing!

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